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Eye-focused Detection of Bell’s Palsy in Videos

Published onJun 08, 2021
Eye-focused Detection of Bell’s Palsy in Videos


In this paper, we present how Bell’s Palsy, a neurological disorder, can be detected just from a subject’s eyes in a video. We notice that Bell’s Palsy patients often struggle to blink their eyes on the affected side. As a result, we can observe a clear contrast between the blinking patterns of the two eyes. Although previous works did utilize images/videos to detect this disorder, none have explicitly focused on the eyes. Most of them require the entire face. One obvious advantage of having an eye-focused detection system is that subjects’ anonymity is not at risk. Also, our AI decisions are based on simple blinking patterns, making them explainable and straightforward. Specifically, we develop a novel feature called blink similarity, which measures the similarity between the two blinking patterns. Our extensive experiments demonstrate that the proposed feature is quite robust, for it helps in Bell’s Palsy detection even with very few labels. Our proposed eye-focused detection system is not only cheaper but also more convenient than several existing methods.

Article ID: 2021L29

Month: May

Year: 2021

Address: Online

Venue: Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Publisher: Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association


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