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Target-learning the Latent Space of a Variational Autoencoder model for the Inverse Design of Stable Perovskites

Published onJun 05, 2023
Target-learning the Latent Space of a Variational Autoencoder model for the Inverse Design of Stable Perovskites


At the forefront of discoverable materials are perovskites that stand out as some of the most chemically diverse and multifunctional energy materials. Theoretically, the estimated number of ternary perovskites exceeds a hundred thousand distinct compounds, notwithstanding that only a small fraction of this estimate has been reported in existing crystal databases. Therefore, the study takes advantage of the reliable, inexpensive and rapid opportunity offered by deep generative modeling for accelerating the search for unknown perovskites. In the process of making such findings, an inverse design-modeling scheme is resolved, which aims at assimilating deterministic target properties with their corresponding perovskite structure. The inverse design pipeline is architectured by combining a generative Variational AutoEncoder (VAE) model with Target-Learning (TL) feed-forward neural networks to form the TL-VAE perovskite generator, thereby making the complete modeling process semi-supervisory. The TL feed-forward neural network model serves the purpose of organizing the non-linear latent space of the VAE model and further assists in isolating deterministic target properties that are of interest to the core objective of the study. The property to be target-learned in the latent space is the formation energy, which is a crucial indicator for calibrating perovskite stability. The results report the discovery of promising new perovskite candidates, which are unique and polymorphic material variants. Upon conducting Density Functional Theory (DFT) validation on the newly identified perovskites, candidates that undergo full geometrical relaxation are recommended for further investigation and/or synthesization. In conclusion, the study demonstrates the efficacy of the inverse design TL-VAE model for the generation of stable ternary perovskites.

Article ID: 2023L7

Month: June

Year: 2023

Address: Online

Venue: The 36th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Publisher: Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association


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